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Bishop Electronics is a manufacturing facility located in Southern California dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality audio film capacitors. Thirty plus years of experience, with a combined intellectual think tank of over one hundred years, has established Bishop as a “top” supplier of audio film capacitors worldwide. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our product and recently added one of the most renowned audio capacitor design engineers in our industry to our team. Bishop has the ability to provide the most diverse collection of high-quality audio film capacitors worldwide! Bishop’s audio capacitors will enable you to add the dimensions of emotion to your systems that you’ve always wanted.


METALIZED POLYPROPYLENE/Cu Enhanced Workhorse for a variety of applications from electronics to speaker crossovers. With warmth, balance and detail this capacitor is a great starting point for any audio application. Capacitors values from: pF to 500uF.

METALIZED POLYPROPYLENE/Sn OR Al FOIL: Complex winding yields a fast, detailed, well rounded capacitor for solid definition at a great price.

METALIZED POLYPROPYLENE/TEFLON/Cu Enhanced: Teflon hybrid with enormous possibilities. From cross-overs to power supplies, signal caps to by-pass this Teflon hybrid delivers all the speed, accuracy and air necessary to satisfy the most demanding applications, in a relatively small package.

POLYPROPYLENE & Sn OR Al FOIL: Industry standard and favorite of guitar amplifier designers. Good overall balance, with controlled highs, weight, transparency and solid bass. Bread and butter capacitor, with consistent quality. “Safe as milk.”

TEFLON & Sn OR Al FOIL: Several years ago, Bishop’s key designer, brought Teflon film back from the grave for audio capacitor applications. Erasing all of the misconception of Teflon., Bishop has taken the industry with a vengeance turning mediocre “house sound” capacitors into thrilling and musically transparent components. This is the capacitor that changed the course of history for high-end audio, opening up the soundstage to a level never experienced before. And with tens of thousands operating in the marketplace, any concerns about the safety of Teflon film capacitors has been satisfied and laid to rest. *All Teflon capacitors are extensively tested and burned-in for at least 100 hours.

SKUNK WORKS: We are constantly in the process of designing & re-defining the barriers of just what attributes an audio film capacitor can add to a variety of applications. New materials, state-of-the-art winding equipment, auto-spray booth & precision testing equipment make it possible to design and produce the finest, most exotic film capacitor available.

**GENERAL INFORMATION: All capacitors are manufactured in California in our state-of-the-art facility. Many of the films used are proprietary designs outlined by our design team. All capacitors are 100% tested to insure quality and reliability, NO BATCH TESTING. All capacitors are made to order, and quantities can range from 50 pieces to 50K, with short lead times (6-7 weeks or less upon receipt of order).

Our reputation speaks for itself: “We manufacture high quality audio film capacitors for the best companies in the audio industry – PERIOD!”